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Utilize the below form to select from a variety of canvass options. Upon completion simply click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. Should you require special handling or need services that might not be listed on this form, please contact our office at (954) 748-2969.

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Records Retrieval powered by Ontellus, the nation’s largest records retrieval partner, providing best-in-class technology with unparalleled data security for insurance and claims litigation.

Request any type of records, including but not limited to: Medical & Billing Records, Employment Records, Pharmacy Records, Phone Records, Workers’ Compensation Records, etc.

Social Media Canvass

INTERTEL’s industry-leading Online Profile Targeting Index (OPTI Check) is a comprehensive tool used to identify and secure a person's public social media profile.

OPTI searches multiple social media, online and mobile platforms to locate actionable data related to your person of interest.

In addition to gathering all related information on your person of interest, OPTI+ includes a review and investigative summary by one of our licensed investigators.

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